Get Up and Dance

Just Dance 4 Xbox 360

I do not like dancing. I’m fine with watching it, but doing it myself? No. I feel like an idiot.

Yet, at my friend’s birthday party yesterday, I found myself competing with them in Just Dance 4. I was the very worst, yet I still had a ton of fun and that game is a great way to get exercise without leaving the house. Plus, I was able to perfect some moves.

I have always loved dancing games, but I thought the game would be played with a controller, not Kinect. Had I known that from the start, I probably would’ve voted no to playing it, but then I’d feel bad because one of the guests walked home to get it and came back.

So, while I still don’t like dancing on its own, I do love Just Dance 4. Besides that it had one of my favorite songs (Call Me, Maybe), I was a little more enamored with the graphics than the actual point of the game. That said, my friends are only ones allowed to see me dance! No one else!

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