No Boys at 19?

Too bad, Grandpa.

I’m going to a friend’s house today to celebrate her birthday (which is actually on Monday, but we have school). She, and a few other friends, are picking me up. My grandfather wanted to know who’s driving the car, so I said her mother. His response? He doesn’t want me getting in the car with any boys.

Yep. I will be 19 years old on Saturday and he still doesn’t like the idea of me being around boys. And frankly, I don’t give two cents.

Yet, at the same time, he wonders why I want to move out. As many problems as my mom may have, overprotectiveness isn’t one of them. It was ridiculous at 16 and it’s even more ridiculous at 19.

The irony is there is no boy I’m interested in. I’m bi-romantic, but so far, there have only been girls I was interested in (for a short time). No boys. Not one. Of course, he doesn’t know that and he never will.

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