Three Degrees? I’m A Nutcase.

Yesterday at my group therapy, we played a game where we had to answer a question, depending on whether we missed or got a shot. One question we had to answer for missing was, “What is one of your long-term goals?” I didn’t really have an answer, so I just said I was aiming to get three degrees. However, now, I’m actually considering it.

The college I want to go to has two degrees for IT, what I want to study, and one for graphic design, something else I’m also interested in. In total, it would take ten years if I were to do this and, of course, it would be expensive. I don’t plan to live with my mother for ten years, only two to three, so that would increase the expense.

It’s not an entirely new idea because I was planning to go for the second degree in IT, but I never considered the one in graphic design. Although, I think it’s a little too early to add a third one. I’ll make that decision after I start college and figure out how I like it.

So, I’m willing to work for three degrees, if I decide I want to, and take an extra job just to be in a city I love, despite that it wouldn’t be necessary. Yeah, I’m crazy.

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