Three Degrees? I’m A Nutcase.

Yesterday at my group therapy, we played a game where we had to answer a question, depending on whether we missed or got a shot. One question we had to answer for missing was, “What is one of your long-term goals?” I didn’t really have an answer, so I just said I was aiming to get three degrees. However, now, I’m actually considering it.

The college I want to go to has two degrees for IT, what I want to study, and one for graphic design, something else I’m also interested in. In total, it would take ten years if I were to do this and, of course, it would be expensive. I don’t plan to live with my mother for ten years, only two to three, so that would increase the expense.

It’s not an entirely new idea because I was planning to go for the second degree in IT, but I never considered the one in graphic design. Although, I think it’s a little too early to add a third one. I’ll make that decision after I start college and figure out how I like it.

So, I’m willing to work for three degrees, if I decide I want to, and take an extra job just to be in a city I love, despite that it wouldn’t be necessary. Yeah, I’m crazy.

Birthday Resolutions

Not counting today, my birthday is in eight days. As far as I’m not concerned, it’s not different than any other birthday, except it marks that I’ve officially been a legal adult for one full year. The only big thing happening this year is my high school graduation.

Pretty much all of my life has been dictated for me. However, I’m not a kid anymore and the whole “you’re a kid and don’t have any say” is old. The only way I’d better not have any say in something is if there’s some future benefit or there’s a damn good reason behind it.

I came up with some rules for my life beyond this point, not just in reference to controlling my own life, but also to developing my own self-esteem. Really, if I’m going to hate myself for as long as I live, I may as well die. Read the rest of this entry »