Tampons, My Savior

Warning: This post may be a little TMI. If that makes you uncomfortable, please skip this post.

If there’s one thing that can turn me into a ravenous, moody, cantankerous witch, it’s my period.

Alright, that’s a slight exaggeration, but my period makes me miserable. Thanks to living in the 21st century, there are things that make it easier, but that’s limited to the physical symptoms. Well, most of them anyway. I still haven’t found anything to control my appetite.

I remember when I first got kicked by mother nature. For five years, I only used pads because my mom said tampons were dangerous. This was, of course, in reference to toxic shock syndrome and since I was naive and knew nothing about menstruation, I simply went along with it. I still remember those uncomfortable days of sitting in class, trying to adjust my pads and being scared of bleeding through my pants (Mom told me to wear two).

Thankfully, I never did (in public anyway). In seventh grade, I did try a tampon once, but I did it incorrectly, so it hurt. The next time I tried was at age 16. This time, I followed the instructions correctly and I’ve been using them ever since! I still wear a pad in case it leaks a bit and alternate between “Regular” and “Super”, but they’ve made that “time of the month” a bit more bearable. I don’t worry about messing up my clothes anymore and it’s a lot easier to move around.

So, to the person who invented tampons, thank you! You are my hero (or heroine) for five days every month!

Gentle Glide 360

Also, a big thank-you to the inventor of the Playtex brand. This is the only one I use. I love that silhouette (that’s not why I buy it!).

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