Return to the Past

On April 6th, I rejoined one of my favorite websites: I’ve been a fan of the site since I was ten years old, when I first discovered it. Over those nine years, I’ve been through many accounts. I still remember the name of my very first account and it still hasn’t been purged. It’s merely frozen. Not that it really matters because I can’t access it since I’ve completely forgotten the password. Some of my other accounts are frozen and some aren’t. They just sit there with the status of “Last seen: A long, long time ago”. And of course, the designs for the user profiles don’t look right because the coding is outdated due to site updates.

The site has changed a lot since I first signed up for it. For better or worse is variable, but overall, I’m still pleased with the site.

In my own mind, I never actually quit the site. I would simply lose interest, forget to return, remember one day, create a new account because I forgot the password to my old one, play for a few months and it’d repeat. The site is in no way boring. It was more that I really didn’t try to get anything done. This time, however, I’m determined to stay on the site and work because I really don’t want to leave again. I want to be more active in the site, especially regarding their newspaper. Years ago, I had an article published and I’d love to do that again. When I’m able, I also want to use their premium service again. I enjoyed having it.

There’s a variety of things that attract me to this site, despite that it’s a “children’s site” and I really hope to get most, if not all, of the things I want there.

2 thoughts on “Return to the Past

    • I joined the site in 2004. I still remember the old banners and designs. The site has changed so much! It almost doesn’t feel like it’s same one joined years ago.


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