One Response to “Fifty Ahead”

  1. lifeinpawprints Says:

    Here’s an idea: Keep just $20 cash on you. Leave the debit card at home whenever you go out. $20.00 is plenty to handle any small emergency that may arise while you’re out, like needing cab or bus fare, gas or a tow, or anything else that comes up. Impulse buys are a lot harder to make when you actually have to see the money leaving your hand too. Plastic is easy to swipe and not think about!

    Also, instead of keeping your money in a checking account, just keep a small amount in there and put the rest in an interest bearing savings account (which you can likely open for a very small transfer at your current bank). That way you can’t use your debit card to access it at a cash register *and* it’ll add up little by little with interest.


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