True Colors

No MM segment today because I’m in a bad mood.

It’s interesting that when someone says “I’m okay with whatever you want to do”, they really mean “I’m only okay with whatever you want as long as I approve.” In other words, they’re lying.

My grandfather knows I’m moving and he is not happy about it. His first reaction to the news was to get drunk. Then, he told my uncle to try to convince me to stay. Of course, my uncle didn’t. He takes my grandfather about as seriously as I do: not at all.

Yesterday, he insulted to me (to my mother) by saying he doesn’t see how I could hold a job when I can’t even keep my room clean. Besides that this is a blatant lie, this insult came about when I told him I was taking a year off school because I wanted to work. Why my mom told him I was taking a gap year is beyond me, but most of my family members are gossips to begin with. Anyway, my answer to his question of where I want to work was “Anywhere”. Rather than realize I meant temporarily, he decided I would have a mentality of working anywhere for the rest of my life and proceeded to go into a rant about a person cannot support themselves working at McDonald’s. Note that I did not say a specific place. He assumed this. Idiot.

He also believes my mother talked me into moving back in with her, not attending school and is teaching me to live off the system. All are false, but, of course, he can’t imagine I could make any decision on my own because I’m supposed to be too stupid to be able to make my own choices.

My uncle told me today that my grandfather will not allow me to take my laptop. Do I care? No. I can back up all of my files and wipe the entire hard drive out. Not to mention he doesn’t even know how use a computer. My uncle does, but he’s unable to use mine. So, basically, my laptop would just sit and collect dust. Fine by me. That’s $427 out of his pocket going to waste, not mine.

With all of the things he has done, my grandfather has no business telling someone else how to live their life. He’s angry because I’m capable of deciding things for myself and I don’t need or want his approval. He cannot stop me from moving out and he knows it. He doesn’t want me to leave, yet he’s giving me every reason I should.

I have come to the conclusion that my grandfather will never respect me as an intelligent individual capable of making choices and following her own path. And you know what? I’m okay with that. He is close-minded and I cannot do anything about that. I have better things to do than fight for the approval of someone who clearly does not respect me as a person. I don’t plan on maintaining contact with him after I move out.

I don’t think I’ve ever spoken about myself this way before, but I don’t deserve to be treated this way. Nobody does.

Uh-oh. The feelings are coming back…

I thought the feelings I had for my pen pal had faded and were platonic now, but it seems that’s not so.

Occasionally, my friend uploads a picture of herself to her blog. She’s not narcissistic. It was a self-confidence experiment. Plus, she wanted to compare herself over a period of time.

Today, she uploaded one and she looks like an angel! Even one of her other friends said so.

I’ve always thought she was beautiful, but the most any of her pictures have ever made me do is go “awww”. Never have I looked at one of her pictures and felt like my face was lighting up like a Christmas tree! I almost feel like a stalker!

So I guess I’m back to feeling like I’m in love with her. I know I said I wanted to tell her if it wasn’t a passing feeling, but I’m rethinking that. If she didn’t feel the same, that would be extremely awkward and could even wreck our friendship. If she did, well…that would make me extraordinarily happy, but we have an ocean between us, so nothing could become of it. What would be the point in telling her?

I’m The Birthday Girl!

Woo! I have officially been an adult for a full year! I am now 19!


Something doesn’t add up here…

Normally, if I make a post for commentary, it’s on a site article or blog post. This time, it’s on a response at Yahoo Answers.

On YA, a girl asked why people say not to become teen parents when many claim to have beat the odds and become successful. Most of the answers explain why and then, there’s this:

Why not? If you have a strong relationship, stable income, and the ability to finish school, there is no problem. I mean it. I’m planning my second child at eighteen. I’m a high school senior taking all AP and Honors classes. We live in a nice four bedroom home. I’m married to my daughter’s father. My daughter is a smart, happy, and healthy two year old. She’s learning English, Spanish, and Japanese. She can sing her ABC’s and count to ten in all three languages. We are a happy family with a flourishing business. We had income even when I was fifteen and he was sixteen. We’re smart and know how to bring in money (yes, legally). Why does that bug people? We are causing no harm to anyone. We aren’t harming our daughter either. We aren’t taking in benefits and instead pay sales, business, and income tax. We are productive, normal members of society.

The whole “go to college, buy a house, travel” thing is bullsh*t in my opinion because it’s not a requirement before an adult chooses to have children. Only 27% of Americans have a college degree. Only 60% own homes. 68% of children are growing up in a single parent household. 71% of pregnancies to woman 20-29 are unplanned.

In my opinion, if you can make it work, go ahead. It was our choice to be young parents. We planned out the rest of our lives when we were young. So far everything has worked as planned. I still want to study to become a doctor, he just recently opened up his shop. Our daughter is always ahead on her milestones. The expectations should be the same for both adults and teens. Age isn’t enough to determine if a couple can handle children or not.

Now, I realize I don’t know much, but this doesn’t sound very plausible to me for a few reasons.

  1. She is supposedly 18 years old and her husband is a year older than her, but she claims to live in a four-bedroom house. Who would sell a house to a couple that young, especially when one of them is still in high school? Doesn’t that mean there’s a chance she was sold the house before she reached the age of majority? Is that even legal?
  2. She claims she and her husband have a flourishing business and they had income even when she was sixteen and he was fifteen. Tell me, how can teenagers run a business?
  3. This might be irrelevant, but where on Earth were this girl’s parents? I would love to know how they were able to allow their teenage daughter to run an actual business before she was even a legal adult.
  4. She says she wants to study to become a doctor and her husband recently opened a shop. Unless he runs that shop from inside their home or takes their child to work with him, I’m assuming this kid is in daycare. She’s planning for a second kid. Unless she’s going to go to medical school part-time (is that possible?), who’s going to watch that second kid if her husband is working? Unless her or his parents are doing it for them.

Travel: Five Places In Mind

While I don’t exactly plan on having a life of adventure and thrill-seeking, I do want to plan a few trips and see a few places. NYC was originally first on my list, but I’ve already seen it and I could really go there anytime, so no need to list it. So my top five places I wish to visit someday are:

Miami Beach

Miami Beach, Florida

I love the beach and considering Florida’s temperatures, the city of Miami Beach sounds like a perfect place to spend a summer. I would actually love to make this a vacation with friends, but I would have no shame in going alone.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada

I’m not a party person, but I love cities. This place kind of looks like NYC. This picture is beautiful. I’d probably get an adrenaline rush just from being in this city. I’m sure there’s much more to do than drink and gamble.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California

Besides my curiosity about the west coast, California is apparently well-known for having some gorgeous beaches. Another great summertime vacation state! I’m not visiting Hollywood, though. As much as the thought of being in the same state or city as my favorite celebrities excites me, it wouldn’t happen. I think I would literally faint if it did anyway.


London, England, UK

Besides being a chance to visit another continent, my British pen pal wants to live her life out here. In a couple of years, I would love to travel to London and meet up with her. She also wants to do a little traveling and one place on her list is New York City. Maybe I could fly her out to America and take her someday! It’s a fantasy! đŸ˜€


Sydney, Australia

I want to visit the major English-speaking countries and Australia is the last one I know after the United States and United Kingdom. I choose Sydney because it’s the largest city. Apparently, they have a hot climate, though. I’ll be sure to pack some shorts and bug spray!