Sometimes, I forget who’s the parent…

Because the person who is sure doesn’t act like it!

My mom and sister are sleeping at my house…again. It’s ironic I’m moving in with these two, but I guess I’m used to it. Still, I am really getting tired of being used as a back-up plan. Besides their terrible guest manners (my sister drank the juices and ate all the candy and didn’t ask and is now taking up my bed), it’s my spring break. They took my winter break. I didn’t get a moment’s peace. Yet they don’t understand why I don’t want them staying here during spring break.

My mom really needs to start planning for stuff, but of course, she doesn’t. She can’t think ahead. I remember, as a child, how she always forgot things until the last minute, yet complained when my sister or I did it, as if she wasn’t a bad example. Her inability to plan things is the reason for mine and my sister’s existence and the reason we’ve moved so much.

I complain too. I won’t deny that. But one thing I’ve learned to do is consider and plan things ahead. That’s how I’ve reached a lot of my own decisions.

If anything, this has made me all the more determined to find a job and get my own apartment as soon as possible after I leave high school. I don’t care how hard living alone is. It’s better than being somebody’s back-up plan.

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