Prom Is Too Expensive

My school is having their prom on May 16th. Admittedly, while I was never planning on going, I did want to go, if only to see how great this “once-in-a-lifetime” event is.

Well, if there was ever any doubt that I wasn’t going, it’s a certainty that I’m not. Why? Because just getting in is too much for me!

A ticket for a single person is $88. $88 for one person? Really? I could get a nice dress for less than half of that! I get that it’s prom, but we’re talking close to $100 here just for a ticket! Even if I could afford that, I wouldn’t pay it because that price is utterly ridiculous. I’m not even buying my senior portraits because those are too expensive!

So my wish for this week is that prom and other school functions didn’t cost so much. I don’t doubt that prom is wonderful, but I’d rather take $20 and have a day out with my friends. Sorry, school, but you’re going to break my pockets.