What’s It Like To Fall In Love?

Kittens In Love

I wish I knew like these kittens seem to.

I don’t care about having a romantic relationship, for more reasons than I care to name right now. But I have found myself wanting to experience a crush or love at first sight or whatever it’s best to call it.

The feelings for my pen pal were temporary, but I have to admit I wish they’d lasted. Although there’s no chance that we ever could be together due to our locations (she’s in Europe and I’m in North America), it was a nice fantasy. But it means nothing. She means a lot to me as my friend, but the feelings I thought I had for her were meaningless.

Of course, I’m not going to go looking for love, since I can’t really control who I fall in love with. But I want to experience being head over heels for somebody. I may never have a romantic relationship in my life, but at the very least, I hope to fall in love.

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