Valentine Friends

In four days, one of by favorite holidays will have arrived: Valentine’s Day.

We all know what Valentine’s Day is about. Love, hugs, candy and chocolate! Yum, chocolate! It’s also a day many couples choose to do something special like a movie, dinner date or, if they’re really feeling the love in the air, sex.

Valentine’s Day is also hated by a lot of people. Usually, it’s either single people or people whose partner is absent for whatever reason.

I’m single. I’ve never been in a relationship or even had a crush. Well, there is my pen pal, but it seems those feelings have faded and now, they’re purely platonic. Yet, I love Valentine’s Day! I look forward to this day.

Valentine’s Day is when I try to be extra sweet and cheerful. I show my friends and family more attention because I love them (even if my family grates on my nerves 75% of the time) and that’s what Valentine’s Day is about. Love. But instead of love and romance, I say love and friendship.

Since I am broke, my friends can look forward to Valentine e-cards this year. As for me, I don’t usually get anything because my friends aren’t as crazy about this holiday as I am. But that’s alright. It’s a nice gesture that makes them smile and makes me feel good.

Heart Balloons

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