I’m Having A Bad Day!!!!!

I am having a very bad day!!

Here’s what happened today:

  • We got our iPads back… but they’re flippin’ useless because everything’s erased and the App Store is gone! I was so mad I threw the useless toy in my flippin’ closet! It can sit there and collect dust until the end of the year!
  • My grandfather needs to start his crap again! He thinks he’s helping me with college. He isn’t helping me with anything and I don’t want him to! He’s an arrogant prick! This fool has never heard of aid and he wants to say my mother has no money! Uh, yes, she does and she’s not an idiot like him! I cannot wait to get the heck out of here!
  • My friend in the UK is not answering me. This isn’t something that actually makes me mad, but I really need to talk to someone and I have no one to turn to. I hope nothing has happened to her. I know I haven’t done anything to make her mad and I know she’s online because she still updates her blog. Maybe she’s working on that. I just wish she would answer. 😦

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