College Is Killing Me… And I’m Not There Yet!

Yesterday, I left a message for the director of admissions at the college I want to attend. She got back to me and answered my question. She also asked me if I paid the tuition deposit, which is $300. I hadn’t and, according to her, it has to come out of my own pocket!

Yikes! Compared to other colleges, $300 may not be a lot, but it is for my family that’s barely above the poverty line. I can save it up, but the deadline is May 1 and I worry that may not be enough time. However, my mother has told me that should be covered by financial aid. Common sense might to say to believe the person who’s actually in charge, but Mom isn’t that stupid. Ditzy, maybe, but not stupid. So, I emailed the director at one of the other campuses I visited and asked. Hopefully, he’ll get back to me by Monday, if not tomorrow.

To me, it’s amazing how much money I’ve spent and I’m not even attending yet. Over $80 for visits to two out of three campuses, which isn’t much, but again, is a bad hit. I might decide not to attend until I’m 20, but then, admission might be even harder.

I really wish my family had more education in their background. It would make things easier. Granted, some of it is my fault for not researching properly, but things were not peachy for the last two or three years and no one told me getting in was more than just send in an application and be approved.

I can only hope my mom is correct and the director of the first campus made a mistake, but I doubt it.

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