I’m Not Sure If This Is Badly Funny Or Just Pitiful

Last night, my grandfather stayed home from work because he was drunk. Fourth time, I think. I really wish he had gone to work because I wouldn’t have heard the nonsense I’m about to tell you.

I won’t repeat it all here, but basically, he spent a good half hour on the phone expressing some homophobic and transphobic crap. The things he said were just disgusting. I’m not sure if his friend agreed or not because I could only hear him, but it seemed like his friend disagreed.

Apparently, they were talking about the transgender six-year-old whose parents sued the school for not letting her use the girls’ bathroom. Now, admittedly, I think that’s a bit much, but as for the child being transgender and considering herself to be a girl instead of a boy as she was physically born? I say there’s nothing wrong with that.

Really, what’s the issue? The kid feels like she should’ve been born female and not male. A lot of people say six is too young to know something like that, but I disagree. Sometimes, you just know early on. Maybe you don’t realize it or have the word for it yet, but you just know a certain thing about you. When I was a kid, I often said I liked girls. I only meant I would rather be friends with girls, but I do remember thinking I would rather marry a girl because boys were too rough or mean. What’s my sexuality? Exactly. I think I knew back then, but just didn’t realize it until my teen years.

I get that my grandfather’s from a very different generation, but I don’t think that’s an excuse because I’ve met people his age and older who weren’t bigots. He simply decides that anything he doesn’t like is wrong, whether or not it actually is. He said allowing this child to be transgender is child abuse – that the parents were forcing her – and she should be taken away. No. The parents made too big a scene, I think, but it’s not child abuse for them to allow their male-to-female transgender child to be who she is. He went so far as to say kids like that grow up confused and shoot up places because of it. No, if they shoot up places, it’s because of bigots like him. Not that I think anybody, even bigots, deserve to be killed, but that kind of nonsense can push someone over the edge and if not homicide, it’ll be suicide. Tragedy either way.

My feelings on this whole thing can really be summed up in these few words: Can’t we just act like decent human beings, love each other and shut the heck up?!

Obviously, no, but it’s a thought.

Coy Mathis

What a cute little girl!

Wishful Wednesday: What’s It Like To Fall In Love?

Kittens In Love

I wish I knew like these kittens seem to.

I don’t care about having a romantic relationship, for more reasons than I care to name right now. But I have found myself wanting to experience a crush or love at first sight or whatever it’s best to call it.

The feelings for my pen pal were temporary, but I have to admit I wish they’d lasted. Although there’s no chance that we ever could be together due to our locations (she’s in Europe and I’m in North America), it was a nice fantasy. But it means nothing. She means a lot to me as my friend, but the feelings I thought I had for her were meaningless.

Of course, I’m not going to go looking for love, since I can’t really control who I fall in love with. But I want to experience being head over heels for somebody. I may never have a romantic relationship in my life, but at the very least, I hope to fall in love.

Mundane Monday: Five Reasons I Love Chocolate

Chocolate barChocolate cake
When I was watching TV once, the narrator said, “Women and chocolate; it is a love affair.” Speaking for myself, I whole-heatedly agree!

I’ll just be blatant. Chocolate is the sweetest treat ever! Except for dark chocolate, I’ll eat just about any kind of chocolate there is! It is irresistible! Just give me some chocolate and you will have me in your hands!

So why do I love this sweet treat? Well…

  • It’s soothing. One bite of my favorite chocolate piece is all it takes to send me to a mental paradise.
  • No other food is sweeter. Not even honey. Not even close.
  • It’s a safe, edible addiction. I have self-control, but the most too much chocolate will do is rot my teeth and give me a stomachache.
  • It’s legal. In addition to being dangerous, drugs are illegal. Chocolate, on the other hand? Buy, sell and abuse it all you want! What, that’s still wrong? When I see a law in place, I’ll believe it!
  • It’s just that awesome!

Blog Segments

This blog may be a personal one – hence the title, Kaye’s Days – but I also want it to be fun to read. I mostly talk about my friends and feelings here, which is good because it’s an outlet for me, but it also gets boring. Even my complaining, despite that I feel it’s valid, gets boring. I want this blog to be a nice place with others things to read besides my daily complaints.

I’m also disappointed in my lack of consistent posting. I really want to post once a week at the least, but I don’t have much to talk about.

So, to help with my posts and topics and keep me going, I’ve joined Post A Week 2013 and I’ve come up with two blog segments: Mundane Monday and Wishful Wednesday.

Mundane Monday will be for me to talk about things I like. It might be big, it might be small, but anything.

Wishful Wednesday is for me to talk about things I want. Don’t worry. I won’t whine! It’ll just be for me express some desires and curiosities. Some big ones and some not so big ones. Again, anything.

Of course, I’ll still talk about my life, how things are going, how I’m feeling at the moment, etc. There’ll just be more variety now. I’m also going to try to do at least one internet article a month, whether it be news or another blog. I enjoy giving commentary about other site articles and it’s one more thing to write about.

Things To Do During My Gap Year

Two weeks ago, I posted about my plan to postpone college until 2014. I listed a few reasons and my mother is in agreement with the idea, so it seems I’m set.

I already know what I want to do during my gap year. I think I may create a page at the end of the school year and cross things off as I get them done to ensure I do everything I want.

  • Find a job – This is the most important. Right now, I’m only looking for part-time, but since I’ll likely only be attending classes two or three days a week, I may look for full-time on weekends. I need money for various things. Tuition deposit, my license, public transport. If I have to work in another town, I will.
  • Get medical attention – I explained this one in the postponement post. I need to get new eyeglasses, see the dentist and get a physical check-up done as well as probably see the gynecologist again. Although, I hope the last one isn’t necessary. I may also consider getting OTC medication to control my mind because that racing isn’t helping me.
  • Obtain my driver’s license – I might not have a car by the time I start college, but having my license can’t hurt. Perhaps I can save up enough to buy a used one during the years there.
  • Study various subjects – I want to study the math I failed, but I also want to study a few languages and a little bit about mental illnesses, especially depression.