It was that simple?!

Today, I spent some time with my aunt and six-year-old cousin (second aunt and third cousin, actually). We were supposed to hang around the mall, but the little one wasn’t feeling well, so we didn’t stay long. While she was resting, I started playing around with her Disney’s Rapunzel doll. Since it’s Rapunzel, this doll had way too much hair!

One thing I’ve wanted to do that I couldn’t before was braids. I hate braids in my hair, but they’re a nice style. Whenever I tried braids before, they did not stay. They came loose or I ended up making a knot. Since there’s not much to do with a sick six-year-old trying to sleep, I looked up on WikiHow how to do braids and practiced on her doll.

I couldn’t believe how easy it was! I followed the instructions directly and got it perfect! I did it a few more times and I got the hang of it easily! I can’t believe I couldn’t do something so simple! Here’s what I ended up doing to the doll:

The little braid was made from three smaller braids.

It took me a while to do, especially because, naturally, this doll’s hair had a ridiculous amount of tangles, but it didn’t take too long and it was kind of fun. I might buy this doll for myself just to play with the hair.

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