I am a crazy person…

As much as I want to attend school in New York, it seems that may not be feasible. Being out-of-state is making housing rather complicated and I’m trying to keep things as simple as possible. Not because I’m lazy, but because 1) I don’t have forever and 2) I don’t have many choices anyway. There are seven different campuses for this college (I think), but only two have what I want to study. One is in-state. The other is in NY. I’m thinking of attending the one in my state.

Here’s the thing: The one that’s in my state is two hours away. If not for having the train, I’d need three or four buses to get there. But the area it’s in is rather beautiful. It’s a small town and it doesn’t have much, but it does happen to be near two malls, both bigger than my local one, and one of the malls being the biggest in my state! What can I say? I love shopping and that includes window-shopping! And it’s surrounding towns do have much, including my favorite seafood restaurant and a particular clothing store I’ve been wanting to check out, but haven’t gotten the chance to yet.

But I still want to be in NY. However, since attending school isn’t likely, I want to work there instead. However, this would be another two-hour commute. Fortunately, the commute back home would only be forty-five minutes, but that still is a lot of transportation. Not to mention that it’s public transport, until I can get a car anyway.

I’m willing to take a two-hour commute to school, a second two-hour commute to a part-time job and finally, a 45-minute commute to return home. That’s about five hours of commuting in total. In a week, that’s about ten hours if I attend school twice a week and fifteen hours if I attend school three times a week. All because I want something. I don’t need to do this, but I have this desire so badly and I can’t ignore it.

Yes, I. Am. Crazy!

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