I’m Still Going

I broke the news to my grandfather I want to live on a college campus. As I expected, he didn’t take it well. He said not for the first year and the only reason he could give was he didn’t want me to. You know what? I don’t care. I’m still going.

Unfortunately, I still need his signature for the financial aid forms, but once I get that, I can go to school and I will leave. I’ll be 19 by the time I finish high school. I want to take care of myself! If I have to spend the night before I leave at a friend’s house, I will.

It’s not about being rebellious. It’s about being independent and I can’t do that in this house. Even if I paid rent, I’d still be living under his thumb and I want out of that! No one in their 20s wants to be told what to wear and whatnot or bossed around like a kindergartner. I don’t care if that sounds petty. I just want to leave.

This year can’t end soon enough. January or February is when I will take him to sign the forms. And I will work hard to keep my grades up so I can have enough aid to be able to leave.