Adults do have sleepovers!

Today, at my weekly teen group, we did a few activities. These activities included a hula hoop and a puzzle. It’s not often I wish I could go back to childhood, but today, the nostalgia bug finally bit me. I couldn’t remember the last time I had done a puzzle or played with a hula hoop. I didn’t truly feel sad, but I did feel a little wishful. Not for the things I haven’t done in years, but for the things I never got to do.

Now, I know no one can do everything there is to do in life. It’s just not possible. But there is one I always wanted to do as a child that I never got the chance for: a slumber party.

The only sleepovers I had were with relatives, usually my grandparents. I never once had a sleepover with friends. I thought I had outgrown the desire for one, but doing those childhood activities brought the desire back up. But I thought it must be silly now. I’m 18. Surely, my age is when sleepovers with friends stop, right? Slumber parties are only for teenagers, not adults. Right?

Wrong! I decided to look it up and I found this blog article. I can’t describe the smile that came across my face! Even better were the comments! Almost all of them agreed with the author and some described having sleepovers with their friends on occasion. I don’t feel nostalgic anymore. Now, I’m really looking forward to my 20’s!

I will have a “no alcohol” rule, however! There’s no fun to be had when you’re drunk! Well…there is, but I’d rather the worst consequence be a stomachache, not a hangover.

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