Oh, dear. I think I’m slacking.

Again. This happens every time with a blog I create. I keep it updated regularly for a few months and then subconsciously forget about it. I even did this with a private blog I had, despite having many things to write about.

As crazy as this will make me sound, I really don’t understand myself sometimes. I love blogging, but I forget so often. This is with many things I love. I have to push myself to draw, continue game legacies and finish storylines.

Sometimes, I’m convinced my brain has different wiring than most.”Procrastinate what you love,” it says. Or maybe it’s just because I’m stuck in a rut. My life is not exciting and, currently, I can’t make it exciting. I probably won’t have any excitement until I’m 25 years old!

There’s also stress. Maybe procrastination is my brain’s way of screaming, “RELAX, will you?!?!” Drawing and gaming can be hard. Maybe my brain is protecting itself from popping like a popcorn maker.

In any case, I will make a genuine effort to be more active. I hope I can do it.