Cutest Tomboy Ever

My summer break ends next week. Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Needless to say, I am beyond unhappy about this. But the one good thing is I get to see my best friend again.

My best friend went away on vacation. I didn’t see her all summer and had no contact with her beyond wishing her a happy birthday on her facebook page. I like her as my friend more than I hate school, so putting up with school is worth seeing her.

My favorite thing about my friend? She’s adorable. She’s short and she hates it, but I love it. She’s just so cute. And as the title implies, she’s also a tomboy. She wears pants all year and the girliest thing about her is her long hair (which she cut, but is still long).

But she’s not just cute. She’s got the sweetness to match. Sweet as sugar, pretty as a flower, cute as a kitten. I’ve never seen this girl mad and I won’t try to make her mad either.

I don’t care if this post makes me sound I like I have a crush on her (I don’t). I’m just happy that my best friend is the most adorable tomboy ever.

A Tribute to Her

I think many of us have heard the story of the teenage girl in the Dominican Republic. For those who haven’t, I’ll summarize it for you: This girl had leukemia and for about a month, she was denied treatment because she was pregnant. The chemotherapy would’ve terminated her pregnancy and abortion is a sin in the Dominican Republic. She did eventually begin to receive treatment, but it had no effect. After having a miscarriage and going into cardiac arrest, she died.

While she may have still died with immediate treatment, I believe her chances of survival would’ve been higher. Her life took a backseat to her unborn baby’s. Now, both are dead. To me, that’s unacceptable. Her life should’ve been the first priority, not her pregnancy.

I made this as a tribute to her. Because she was a minor, her name wasn’t stated and there is no picture of her, but she is in my thoughts.

Article here:

Sheesh. Why Take Offense?

I swear some people just live to be offended by others.

There is a facebook page I liked called “Not Being Pregnant“.  As the name implies, it’s about enjoying that you’re not pregnant. Not necessarily that you don’t have children, just that you are not pregnant.

Unsurprisingly, a few mothers (why is it always moms?) took offense. They saw it as an attack on their roles of being mothers. Why and how, I do not know. One of the accusations made is that the “likers” of the page bash young mothers.

I looked through the page and did not find any bashing. What I did find was some users saying becoming pregnant and having a baby while still in high school is not smart, which I agree with. Most likely, if you’re still in high school, your parents are still taking care of you and I don’t think someone who’s still a dependent his or herself should be creating MORE dependents. Yet, it seems to these mothers who have taken offense to this page see that opinion as an attack on them.

I’ll continue to view that page. However, if someone does bash young mothers, I will disagree because I don’t believe in attacking parents.

Reason #220 I Like My Summer Program Counselors More

They don’t make us change our clothes for occasions where it’s not necessary.

Apparently, my grandfather thinks dinner at any place outside the house is fancy because people will be around. I just changed into a different shirt and different pair of jeans. My grandfather may as well be blind. Everybody knows me and has already seen me. In short, they don’t care if I’m in the same clothes or not.

And I don’t think I should be going by an old man’s definition of “cute”.