Not Driving Is A Disgrace?

According to this Yahoo article, most of Generation Y doesn’t want to drive. Interesting.

Many of the comments are slamming them down, calling them lazy, unmotivated, immature and so on and so forth. Apparently, these people have never heard of car accidents and drunk driving.

Many of them are also saying things like “I guess Gen Y will have to walk” as if that’s a bad thing. Umm, as much as people complain that “kids today” don’t get enough exercise, I’d think being willing to walk is a good thing. Or does that only apply until you are eligible to attain a driver’s license?

I know there are areas where walking or biking is unsafe or inconvenient and there is little to no public transportation. If you have a job that requires you to go long distances, driving is a life-saver. But that’s not the case for everyone.

Personally, I hate cars. Too small (slight claustrophobia), too hot and I get motion sickness if I spend too long in a car. Plus, when it’s nice out, I’d rather go for a walk than a drive. It’s easier to enjoy the sun and breeze.

I posted a comment on the article and some idiot replied with this:

Step outside your little box sometime…there a great big world happening out there and it is passing you by! Not learning how to drive is IGNORANT!

Here’s a clear example of the pot calling the kettle black. Maybe this person should step out their little box sometime and see that the world has more than one lifestyle. There are people who don’t eat meat (vegetarians), people who rely on solar energy to power their houses and people who don’t drive. I fit into the third category. Even if I had my license, I wouldn’t drive because I don’t want to, just as I won’t be having children because I don’t want to.

The feeling I got from most of the comments that slammed those without licenses is that their car is their entire life…which I find sad. If you need a car to live, fine, but if your life is so dependent on your car that you think anyone who refuses to drive is an immature basement dweller in their parents’ home, you have issues. Really, build a bridge and get over it.

If I ever decide to own a car, it’ll likely just be used for long state trips, if I ever take one. Other than that, it’ll probably just sit in the driveway and collect dust.

15 Years of Being a Big Sister

For me, there are two holidays tomorrow. Independence Day, which celebrates when our country got its freedom and the Declaration of Independence was signed back in 1776. Then, my little sister’s 15th birthday.

Yep. Tomorrow marks 15 years of hell!

Okay, not really. But it is my sister’s 15th birthday tomorrow. I went out and bought two shirts as a birthday gift. Truthfully, being a big sister is not easy and I’m not sure if it ever gets easier. I love my sister, but she is a (literal) huge pain. Bratty, hard-headed, a general nuisance. Yeah, she’s a younger sibling alright. She was pretty cute when she was younger, but now…meh.

The worst thing about being an older sibling? Having to take partial responsibility for someone whose existence is not your fault. If I had to count the number of times I heard “you’re the oldest, you should know better” or “you’re supposed to set an example”, I’d need about twenty more hands. I always envy only children. I would’ve loved to grow up without having to share my toys, only to have them returned to me broken. To have gotten peace and quiet and not fight over whose space is whose. To not be used as a babysitter. Well, at least I have moving out to look forward to for all of that.

The best thing about being an older sibling? Well, I can’t pinpoint one “best” thing, but there are some pretty great ones. My sister happens to be a big eater, so if I ever didn’t want my dinner, there was my little bottomless pit. She would eat it. If we were ever together in a group, such as summer camp, and I wanted to be left alone, she could direct everyone away since she’s an extrovert. And if I ever did want a new toy, I guess that’s when her breaking my stuff came in handy.

If I wanted children, I would only have one. I’m sure my sister and I drove our mother insane with our constant fighting. The only time we would team up together would be to argue against her. Yeah, not something I’d be willing to put up with.

Ah, siblings. Can’t stand them. Can’t live without them (once they’re already born).