Early, Late, I Do So Appreciate

Next year is my senior and final year in high school. The best thing about being a senior is that I get to leave early. Instead of leaving at 4:00, I will leave at 3. There’s also a chance I will be able to come to school late. 8:15 instead of 7:30. It’ll be good to have some normal school day hours back!

With those hours, I’ll probably do a little better in school. At the very least, I won’t be so tired and I won’t have to wake up to a loud, obnoxious alarm that I want to throw through the window every morning. Extra sleep is my favorite thing in the morning. It makes having to get up more bearable.

I am a night owl and only need five hours of sleep per night. A lot of people say that’s too little. One person, years ago, even said that’s probably what I can survive on, but I really need eight to nine. Bullcrap. If I’m up, functioning and passing school, I think I’m getting plenty of sleep. The least amount of sleep I’ve ever run on is three hours, though that was pushing it. Still, I didn’t go to bed that night until 11:00. My usual bedtime is 1:00, sometimes 2:00 if I don’t think there will be lessons in my classes the following day. Since finals are this week and I don’t have to be to school until 8:30, I’ve stretched my bedtime to between 2 and 3 AM.

Of course, when the weekend hits, I sleep until 10:00, 11 or even 12! It’s the weekend. That’s what it’s made for, sleeping in! Unless the house is burning down, nobody had better wake me up!

It’s funny how I like to sleep so much, yet when I was a kid, I hated going to sleep. Then, I realized I didn’t hate going to sleep. I hated going to sleep early. Nighttime makes the best alone time because I am the only one awake while everyone else is fast asleep. Unless one lives alone, it’s impossible to get any alone time during the day and I am someone who needs hours of alone time to relax. It’s a good thing I don’t want to live on campus when I hit college because I’m sure I would be so stressed out from schoolwork, I’d be constantly cursing out my roommate and being a little witch. Which also makes me extremely happy that boarding school never crossed my mother’s mind (and I’d be questioning why she even had me if it did). In fact, if I were in boarding school, I’d probably be the biggest witch on board, constantly telling staff and schoolmates to f— off and getting into fights, as I cannot deal with being around people 24/7. However, that’s a topic for another time.

Animator Is Off My List

For my “Exploring Art” class, the assignment for our final was to create a 1:30 long stop-animation movie with our iPads. Originally, it was just a regular project and only had to be 30 seconds long, but we were not all eligible to take our iPads home, so this wasn’t possible. However, on Friday, all students, regardless of eligibility, were allowed to take their iPads home over the weekend.

I did not want my grandfather to know I had it because he would make a big deal over it. This meant I would have to work on my movie after he left for work at night. I started on Friday and intended to get the entire project done in that one night.

Too bad it wasn’t that easy.

Since I didn’t have much, I was just going to use the stuffed bunnies on my bed for the whole project. But the whole project was boring, tedious and repetitive. I ended up using almost everything in my room that was small. I started at 11:00, stopped at 1:23 and had only gotten the first 45 seconds done and over 520 shots. I was too tired and ready to fall asleep. Worse yet, for some reason, the shots’ order got screwed up and I had to delete at least three. I called it a night and decided I’d continue the next night (Saturday).

Well, last night, I continued. After my grandfather left for work, I got started on finishing the movie. Again, I started at 11:00, but this time, I didn’t finish until 2:00. I can’t describe how relieved I was to finally be reaching the end. 1,080 shots. Sheesh! But it was done and I could turn it in. I probably won’t get a stellar mark for it – there was no plot, so it was entirely random – but at least I would get something.

One things for sure: I will not go to college to work in animation when I leave high school. If a 1:30 project is this bad, a 10-minute project would kill me! On the bright side, however, I now have a much greater appreciation for animators everywhere, stop-motion or otherwise.