Time For Summer Camp!

Well, it’s not summer camp “per se”, but it may as well be. My plans for the summer changed a bit.

Since last year, my therapist was bugging me to join the summer program that my school’s therapy program offers. Last year, I had to attend summer school, so I couldn’t come. This year, I was supposed to attend summer school again, but because I passed the final for one of the two classes I was failing, that class got dropped. So when I told her this, she asked me if I could maybe take the class next year, so I could come to the summer program instead. She really wanted me to come, so I finally gave in. After the appointment, I went to my guidance counselor and asked if the class could be put into my schedule for next year. It was possible, so he took me out of summer school. I went back to my therapist, told her the good news and she gave me a permission slip. Got it signed that night, took it in the next day (also, the final day of school) and that was it.

The first day of this program is the 25th. I haven’t gone to summer camp since I was 11. To be totally honest, I never liked camp. It felt just like school. Kids picking on me, long hours and flippin’ uniform (camp shirts). I hated the park. Always got bit by mosquitoes  and itched like crazy. Summer was much better spent by myself or with relatives (as crazy as they drive me).

So after being out of camp for so long, it feels weird to go back. The summer program isn’t even that long – only 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM unless there are trips – but I am still a little less than thrilled about going. From what my therapist told me, it doesn’t sound like there’s much to enjoy outside of seeing her (she mentioned hiking; I hate hiking). I don’t like museums or science either, which I think was mentioned in the slip/pamphlet. There’s also the fact that my sister is going to be there and to say we don’t get along is to say a hurricane is just a tiny storm. At least, I know one of my friends will be there, but there’s no guarantee I’ll see him. Really, this summer is unpredictable. But I guess that’s what makes summer so thrilling, huh? Well, usually.

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